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Our story begins in medieval Europe. Poland a powerful country was on the build. The rapid expansion required stores of energy. From farmers, artisans to soldiers that depended the stronghold, the food prepared had to be simple, fresh and very nutritious.

Starting at the ingredients; flour, choice meats and the freshest produce made up the country’s diet. For decades the Poles improved their recipes o f the food they enjoyed. With many influential neighbors and successful trade that enriched their food, the Polish people created a delightful menu that we bring straight to you.

On the mission to deliver the freshness we have captured, we have devised a unique way to prepare, package and deliver our delicious meals. Our vans are located throughout Chicago-land based on demand. Our state of the art ordering and tracking system creates a mobile restaurant experience near you!

Order online, or in person with one of our smiling servers, then enjoy and let us know how to better bring the taste of Poland to your plate!

From our founder,

Jack Curylo