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Why is Chicago different? Our city is as unique as its inhabitants. Composed of multiple families virtually from every country on the globe, Chicago is a melting pot of culture. As different as every person may be, the unifying factor is food. From raw materials preparation to recipies handed down from grand grand parents back home, each of us brings with a unique flavor, even whiting our own cultural group
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In a time of energy drinks, coffee and other means of motivation throughout the day, we skip lunch. Not literally, we prepare a bagged something or grab for the same tired fast food with a health twist. Unfortunately we still hit the slump shortly after that. Our bodies and our brains run on energy – mainly glucose. This energy source plummets mid day, and renders us less productive unfocused. Bottom
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With the fast pace of city life, there is little time to relax. We put it off for later, keeping it in the back of our heads throughout the day. According to many in the field, city life can be stressful enogh to impact our psychology. The simple act of sharing a small space with many people can slowly become overwhelming. How do we manage? An earthy and familiar taste
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