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Why is Chicago different? Our city is as unique as its inhabitants. Composed of multiple families virtually from every country on the globe, Chicago is a melting pot of culture.

As different as every person may be, the unifying factor is food. From raw materials preparation to recipies handed down from grand grand parents back home, each of us brings with a unique flavor, even whiting our own cultural group – to share with others!

Our simple menu is based on old-world recipes, proven through the years. We encourage you to try our delicious recipies we have brought from Poland to contribute to Chicago’s cultural structure. And since we are on a common topic, make a suggestion to one of our servers, or contact us through our website. What dish reminds you of home? Which meal from you runique culture is similar to one of our Polish dishes? Connect with us on social media and do let us know your unique story with one of our meals.

A shared meal meal at an otherwise undetermined business conference, a first date, or any occasion can be the great unifying factor and a pathway to positive open discourse.