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With the fast pace of city life, there is little time to relax. We put it off for later, keeping it in the back of our heads throughout the day. According to many in the field, city life can be stressful enogh to impact our psychology. The simple act of sharing a small space with many people can slowly become overwhelming. How do we manage?

An earthy and familiar taste of a home cooked meal can re-create pleasant memories to combat the pressure of a stressful environment. Then very beautiful rural Poland has also picked up pace and has quickly urbanized into a modern metropolis. However the yearning back to the simple honest warm meals is ever-present. As our city grows busier by the day, we also strive for a moment of personal space and time in this crowded environment. However due to the nature of the circumstance, this is not always a possibility. To the rescue, our vans are positioned throughout the city and suburbs to bring that special moment straight to you.

Relaxation does not necessarily mean a movie, a beach or a balloon ride, it can easily be just a small meal enjoyed slowly. In traffic, right in the middle of it all – your personal little moment of pure culinary enjoyment. Relax and try one of our flavorful soups, or a hardy serving of pierogi. It may make all the difference in an otherwise stress filled day. Its a healthy comfort food you cant afford to miss.